Photo of Guy With Bullet in Neck Goes Viral…But His Story Is Even More Incredible


Following the devastating attack in Las Vegas on Sunday night that left at least 59 dead and more than 500 wounded, one man’s brave story will make everyone who hears it proud to be an American.

According to the Independent Journal Review, Jonathan Smith, a copy machine repairman from California, attended the 91 Route Festival on Sunday with nine members of his family.

Just after the shots were heard from during country star Jason Aldean’s set, Smith immediately made sure his family members were safe, though they were scattered throughout the crowd.

Smith said he then ran back into the crowd to save others. He told The Washington Post he kept yelling, “Active shooter, active shooter, let’s go! We have to run!”

He began directing the audience toward a handicapped parking area, which was away from Las Vegas Boulevard and presumably out of the gunman’s line of sight. Smith said it was a field filed with cars, so they crouched behind the vehicles for safety.

Smith’s bravery didn’t stop there, though.

After running back into the concert and line of fire, Smith was shot in the neck while trying to save more people. He told The Washington Post he was trying to warn a group of girls to get on the ground to avoid being seen by the gunman when a bullet hit him on the side of his neck.